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Canepa Healthcare, LLC (“Canepa Healthcare”) is a late-stage venture and growth capital firm specializing in medical technology. We focus on private companies with commercialized products that need growth capital to achieve profitability.

Canepa Healthcare has offices in New York and Miami.

Investment Approach

Canepa Healthcare focuses on opportunities within the medical technology sector that meet four main criteria:

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Stage of company

We seek out healthcare companies with products in the growth stage that have achieved regulatory clearance in the United States or Europe. We target those healthcare companies that can achieve rapid revenue growth over the next 3-5 years.

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Investment size

We are interested companies needing at least $5M of new capital.  We are flexible with respect to controlling versus minority roles but will only consider situations where there is an opportunity to add value through our active involvement.

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We focus on medical devices and diagnostics but do not restrict ourselves to specific sub-sectors. We prioritize products that fill significant clinical unmet needs in large addressable markets, are supported by high quality clinical data, have strong health economic value propositions, and are managed by world-class teams.

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While we will consider opportunities across geographies, we prioritize companies targeting the US and European healthcare markets.



Canepa Healthcare’s portfolio of managed assets consists of leading, innovative, and transformative healthcare companies.

AcuFocus, Inc. is a privately held ophthalmic medical device company that develops and markets breakthrough technologies for the improvement of vision. The company’s proven, proprietary technology platform uses a small aperture – or pinhole – effect to allow focused light rays to reach the retina and bring objects into focus. Using this small aperture concept, the IC-8® IOL was designed specifically for patients with cataracts, and it is currently available in select European and Asian markets (not currently approved in the US).

Akili Interactive Labs, Inc. is building clinically validated cognitive therapeutics, assessments, and diagnostics that look and feel like high-quality video games. Leveraging medical-grade science and consumer-grade software technology, the company is seeking to produce a new type of healthcare product that is both highly effective and highly engaging. The company was founded by PureTech, a science and technology research and development company, together with leading neuroscientists and game designers.

bioTheranostics, Inc. is a company focused on helping physicians improve the care of cancer patients, offering a suite of proprietary molecular diagnostic tests that allow treatment to be tailored to individual patients. The company’s Breast Cancer Index® helps oncologists make difficult decisions about extended endocrine therapy for ER+ breast cancer patients based on its ability to predict risk of late disease recurrence and identify which patients are likely to benefit from continuing therapy beyond five years. Its CancerTYPE ID® is a validated gene expression test for metastatic patients with diagnostic ambiguity, helping physicians determine optimal site-directed treatment regimens with the goal of improving patient outcomes.


Cardiva Medical Inc. is a privately held medical device company that is focused on developing and commercializing innovative vascular closure technology. Cardiva’s VASCADE™ Vascular Closure System was approved by the FDA in 2013 and approved for CE Marking in Europe in 2012. VASCADE is a new generation extravascular closure device designed to increase the comfort and safety of vascular closure for patients. VASCADE utilizes a unique delivery system based on a proprietary collapsible disc technology that provides temporary hemostasis during the procedure which eliminates the need for an intravascular component. Secure and rapid hemostasis is achieved with VASCADE by the deployment of a thrombogenic resorbable collagen patch at the arteriotomy of the femoral artery.


Dune Medical Devices was founded in 2002 to realize the extraordinary medical potential of its proprietary tissue characterization technology. Offering surgeons and radiologists the ability to detect cancer in real time, this technology holds promise for a broad range of diagnostic and therapeutic applications. The company’s first offering, the MarginProbe® System, is now FDA approved and is being used to deliver real-time assessment on excised tissue in breast cancer surgery. A 300-patient randomized study has shown a reduction in re-operation rates by 56% over the standard of care.

EndoGastric Solutions, Inc. (EGS) is a medical device company focused on developing and commercializing innovative, evidence-based, incisionless surgical technology for the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). EGS has combined advanced concepts in gastroenterology and surgery to develop the Transoral Incisionless Fundoplication (TIF®) procedure—a minimally invasive solution that addresses a significant unmet clinical need.

Magnolia Medical Technologies, Inc. is a medical device company that develops and manufactures innovative blood and bodily fluid collection devices that significantly improve the accuracy, consistency and predictability of critical in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) tests. False positive and false negative laboratory test results in the acute care setting create confusion and uncertainty that commonly lead to inappropriate, unnecessary treatments. These misdiagnoses often significantly increase utilization of antibiotics and associated complications as well as patient length of stay and risk for healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). By mechanically eliminating human errors that cause erroneous test results through elegantly engineered bodily fluid collection devices, Magnolia Medical’s products significantly improve patient safety and reduce hospital costs.

Co-founded by PureTech Health (LSE: PRTC), Sonde Health, Inc. is developing a voice-based technology platform to monitor and diagnose psychological and physical medical conditions. The company’s proprietary technology works by sensing and analyzing subtle changes in the voice to create a range of persistent brain, muscle, and respiratory health measurements that provide a more complete picture of health in just seconds. Sonde’s vocal biomarker program has demonstrated the potential to effectively screen and monitor for disease using information obtained from an individual’s voice on commonly-owned devices, and it has the potential to fundamentally change the way mental and physical health is monitored and diagnosed.

Standard Molecular is transforming patient care through integrated genomic data.  Using the Standard Molecular solution, healthcare systems can now leverage genomic data to improve patient care, build stronger patient relationships, and reduce total medical expense.   The company’s proprietary platform enables academic medical centers (AMCs) and accountable care organizations (ACOs) to provide scalable enterprise-wide genomic services that support a wide variety of tests and integrate discrete genomic data into existing clinical systems

Tryton Medical, Inc., is the developer of novel stent systems designed to treat coronary bifurcation lesions. The Tryton Side Branch Stent System is built for bifurcation using proprietary Tri-ZONE® technology to offer a dedicated strategy for treating bifurcation lesions. Tryton’s cobalt chromium stent is deployed in the side branch artery using a standard single wire balloon-expandable stent delivery system. A conventional drug eluting stent is then placed in the main vessel. The Tryton Side Branch Stent is commercially available in the US and multiple countries within Europe.



  • Paul Enever, Ph.D.
    Managing Director

    Paul Enever is a managing director at Canepa Healthcare. Before joining Canepa Healthcare, Paul was a partner at McKinsey and Company. In his 12 years at McKinsey, he advised leading organizations across the bio-pharma, med-tech, hospital, and healthcare services industries primarily in the U.S. and Europe as well as private equity firms specializing in healthcare. Paul’s work focused on growth strategy, sales and marketing, and licensing and acquisition. Previously, Paul worked within the R&D organization at Sandoz Pharmaceuticals and MIT’s Biotechnology Process Engineering Center.

    He sits on the Boards of Directors of Cardiva Medical, Dune Medical Devices, and Magnolia Medical Technologies, and is a board observer at Standard Molecular.

    Paul has a B.S. in chemical engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a Ph.D. in chemical engineering from the University of Minnesota where he studied wound healing and tissue engineering. For his work, Paul was the recipient of both a National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship and the Whitaker Foundation Graduate Fellowship in Biomedical Engineering.




  • Alejandro Sanchez
    Managing Director

    Alejandro Sanchez is a managing director at Canepa Healthcare. Prior to joining Canepa Healthcare, he was a co-founder and partner of Hermes Growth Partners, where he launched its Telecom, Media, and Technology Fund. Alejandro is a former partner at McKinsey and Company, where he worked in the telecom, media, and technology sectors across a diverse set of geographies, including Venezuela, Chile, Brazil, Russia, Poland, and the United States.

    He serves on the Boards of Directors of bioTheranostics, Dune Medical Devices, Endogastric Solutions, and Tryton Medical.

    Alejandro is a systems engineer with an MS in Engineering-Economic Systems from Stanford University.


  • Adam Lessler, M.D.

    Adam Lessler is a Principal at Canepa Healthcare. Prior to joining Canepa Healthcare, Adam was an engagement manager at McKinsey & Company, where he served clients across the health care value chain, with a focus on provider growth and M&A/partnership strategy. Previously, Adam completed his internship in emergency medicine at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and worked as an analyst in the Investment Banking Division at Goldman Sachs and as a research assistant in Harvard Medical School’s Department of Health Care Policy.

    Adam serves as a board observer at bioTheranostics, Magnolia Medical Technologies, and Sonde Health.

    Adam has a B.A. in economics from Amherst College, an M.B.A. from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and an M.D. from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.



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